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Giving an Old Store a New Chance
New retailers Cheri and Gary Bullard revive their local school supply store

by Alyssa LaFaro

By the time Alpha Office & Educational Products had reached its 21st and final year, it had three big problems: inventory had become disorganized, the space had become unwieldy, and an economic boom predicted for downtown Iuka, Mississippi, was never realized. Read More

Helping Kids Crack
the Code

“Teaching Reading IS Rocket Science” states a white paper prepared in 1999 by the American Federation of Teachers. Fifteen years later, you’re reminded about the truth of that statement every day as you help frustrated teachers and parents choose reading and writing resources.

Learning to read is not a natural and easy process, contrary to one popular theory. “It’s a linguistic achievement,” says Reading Rockets, a national multimedia literacy initiative launched in 2001.
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Learn the Language Before You Take the Trip

July 2005

My husband, who knows every trivial intellectual tidbit but is no earthly good around the house, passed along to me a real "hmmmm-er" recently. (Not to get off the subject, but my husband always figured he could make "Jeopardy's" Ken Jennings sweat if only he were a fast thinker. And forget that buz ... [click here to read more]

Significant Changes Ahead for EDexpo
in 2015

Tom Green, chair of the Education Market Association, recently talked to Kevin Fahy, publisher of Ed Dealer magazine, about new ideas for increasing the effectiveness of EDexpo. Here, he shares EDmarket’s plans for increasing dealer attendance, raising consumer awareness of our industry, and creating sales in new markets.
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The Issue
by Kevin Fahy

Kevin Fahy

Changing Channels
This summer CNN ran a documentary series, coproduced by Tom Hanks, called “The Sixties.” Appropriately, the first installment of the 10-part series was called “TV Comes of Age.”
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