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So Much More to
This Store
by Tina Manzer

With a nod to Socrates, who said, “Focus all of your energy on building the new, not fighting the old,” Carol and David Madison built Stone’s Education Superstore last year. The 16,500-square-foot brick building in Cary, North Carolina is beautifully solid, full of fun and state-of-the-art; so different from its original location in Raleigh. The drafty Stone’s Southern School Supply warehouse-turned-storefront – a not uncommon kind of space in our industry, and perfectly acceptable according to mid-1970s standards – served teachers across the south for decades. David and his wife Carol bought the business 10 years ago, and moved it into the store of their dreams, built at a cost of $3 million.
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Uncluttered Spaces Promote Learning
by Tina Manzer

As an industry that sells all the necessary details for making classroom design great, we should applaud the results of a pilot study performed a few years ago in the U.K. As one of the researchers noted, “It’s the first time a holistic assessment has been made that successfully links overall environmental impact directly to learning rates in schools.”
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Retailers Want States to Control NCLB

September 2005

The majority of respondents to our last survey said they would like to see state governments, not the federal, in control of educational requirements. Many questioned whether NCLB was improving students' educations today and some even called for a major overhaul of the act. Read on for more results ... [click here to read more]

Unique Event Showcases Innovation

The design of school environments – in which a classroom is only one part of a many faceted, learning-facilitated whole – is evolving faster than you can say “twenty-first century.” New goals that range from obesity prevention to technology integration are spicing up already innovative ideas for building, equipping and furnishing schools.
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The Issue
by Kevin Fahy

Kevin Fahy

If You Could Read My Mind
I am writing this column the same way I have written hundreds of others in the past, by hand with a ballpoint pen on a legal pad. Most people seem to have a hard time understanding why I would want to do that.
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